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Talkus through Slack

Workplace issues hurt your team’s productivity

Remember last time you were working from home and couldn’t connect to your company’s network?

Did you figure out how to book that meeting room?

Inadequate solutions have a toll on morale and productivity that impact your business’ bottom line.

live chat in Slack

Support solution for the productive workplace

Wake-up it’s 2017 and getting support should be easy and quick.

Your team expects help through text, chat or just within Slack.

Many Channels. One Slack.

We have turned Slack into a modern collaborative internal support solution.

Implementation is as easy as ABC:

  • Go to
  • Sign-in with your Slack Team account
  • And that it. You are ready to handle support tickets.

Talkus support solution for your team includes 3 modules:

  1. A multi-channel aggregator
  2. A dedicated chatbot
  3. An integration with Slack.
    Phone integration right in slack

    Mobile teams need support on their favorite channels

    Organizations need to provide teams with higher level of service and support with fewer resources.

    That’s what we do at Talkus.

    We help organizations that are faced with more communication channels and more employees working remote and using mobile devices.

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